Beyond the Norm: A New Perspective on Nursing Careers

Jan 4, 2024

What if the path to a fulfilling nursing career led you into uncharted territories? This episode, our seasoned guest – a nurse with a robust experience of over 20 years, shares her journey across diverse areas of nursing, from medical-surgical to labor and delivery and case management. She candidly discusses her trials with transitioning injured workers back to the workforce, her admiration for utilization review, and her unquenchable thirst for knowledge through higher education. 

Hold on to your seats as we shatter stereotypes around non-traditional nursing careers and highlight the indispensable role of nursing skills in different areas like medical sales. The conversation takes a deep dive into case management and utilization review complexities, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork and the critical role of self-care in a nurse’s life. You’ll find her insights immensely valuable whether you’re an aspiring nurse, an experienced one, or someone curious about the world of health care. 

Finally, we navigate the exciting future of nursing and healthcare, exploring home dialysis, and telemedicine. Our guest leaves no stone unturned, sharing intricate details of her experience in medical sales and the nuances of case management. She emboldens nurses to venture into non-traditional roles and engage in enlightening conversations with industry professionals. Don’t miss out on this episode that not only broadens your horizon on the vast opportunities in nursing but also reiterates the timeless role of nurses in patient care.

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