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Carolyn Coleman

Carolyn Pickens Coleman is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend and co-worker from Bessemer, Alabama. Carolyn has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Samford University and a Master of Arts in Health Service Administration from Strayer University. As an active member of the Birmingham Black Nurses Association, Inc., she has served as the Chairperson of the Outreach Committee for two years during the height of COVID, in which she assisted in coordinating and administering COVID vaccines and blood pressure screening, and other outreach activities. She proudly served three years as President of the Bessemer Public Library Trustee Board with her term ending September 22, 2023. Mrs. Coleman  also serves as an Advisory Board Member of C.H.L.M.S. Medi-Helpz Foundation, a Board-Certified Professional Advocacy company, who works diligently to educate patients about their rights, responsibilities, and options during wellness and sickness.

With over 37-years of professional experience as a Registered Nurse, Carolyn’s nursing career has been as a critical care nurse, and presently as a nurse case manager and adjunct clinical instructor. She has worked with hospital administrators to set up plans regarding complex patient cases, concentrating on outcome management, utilizing best practices, and advocating for patients.


Mrs. Coleman is the author of a five-book series about a fictional contemporary friendship whose title character name is, Gentry. In the first book of this series, Happiness Hurt Healing, Gentry faces life choices and experiences dealing with healing after heartbreak. In the second book of this series, Re-entry of Gentry, Gentry is back stronger than before. Can she and Victor rekindle what they’ve lost? Gentry’s Journey is the third book of this series, where Gentry focus on trust building, making tough decisions work, and what she will do for the ones she loves. With the success of the first three books in the Gentry series, the fourth book, Gentry’s Circle of Friends, created by popular demand, gives detailed background information of how Gentry met her close friends and how they stay together. The final installment, The Stethoscope, is more than listening, it touches on how Gentry change careers from educating young adults to becoming a nurse and the demand so of her new profession. Truth is stranger than fiction, or is it?

Carolyn is currently working on her next project of short stories entitled, Life, launching by the end of 2023.

Mrs. Coleman is a motivational speaker specializing in women’s empowerment and health topics. Her podcast, Gentry’s Journey, is active on Amp at (follow: @carolync), as well as,

Writing is cathartic for Carolyn. She enjoys reading and staying active with line dancing, walking, and spending time with family and friends. She stays connected with her closest friends by attending monthly dinners.


Carolyn has co-authored two #1 best-selling anthologies, one also being an international best seller. She has also joined a group of esteemed authors in, She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically.

  1. The Breaking Point: When Life Requires a Shift
  2. Raising Children Is Not Easy, but It’s Worth It
  3. She Said Yes to Herself Unapologetically: The Empowerment Guide for Women



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Happiness Hurt Healing - Gentry Series - CPW Bookshelf and Beyond - 1000x1000

Happiness Hurt Healing

Gentry finds herself where many people have found themselves, heartbroken. The deception of a loved one. How does she heal?

The Re-Entry of Gentry - Gentry Series - CPW Bookshelf and Beyond - 1000x1000

The Re-Entry of Gentry

Gentry is back with the advice of her father and the push from her friends, she decides it may be time to get back into the dating game.

Gentry's Journey - Gentry Series - CPW Bookshelf and Beyond - 1000x1000

Gentry’s Journey

Gentry is back by popular demand. One never knows what lies ahead in life. Life can be a roller coaster with its ups and downs…