Be Still and Know


Written by Author Dena Richard

Persecuted, lied on, belittled, demeaned, and overlooked… but not BROKEN. Be Still and Know tells the vivid story of one woman’s journey that mimics the story of many. A journey of trust, faith, and ultimately forgiveness amid unfair treatment, discrimination, and retaliatory behavior. A journey that led to blessings exceedingly, abundantly above anything she could have thought or asked, ALL while discovering her true destiny and calling. Be Still and Know is a faith journey. Faith is sometimes scary and ugly when under duress, strain, uncertainty, and spiritual attack. Can you rest and lean on the one thing that is not tangible, is not seen with the natural eye, but you know that is all you may have? See faith in a new light, and take the journey with courage and surety that the end will justify the means. Trust faith.