Empathy and Empowerment: Sandra May Shares Insights on Counseling, Spirituality, and Social Change

Jan 4, 2024

Join the conversation with the remarkable Sandra May, known to many as Cookie, as she imparts her extensive wisdom gleaned from years in education, school counseling, and ministry. In an episode that promises to be as moving as it is insightful, Cookie unravels the delicate tapestry of human connection and self-control, sharing valuable lessons from the critical world of early childhood education and the profound influence of educators on young lives. Her unique perspective on the intersection of spirituality and counseling sheds light on the respect for client boundaries while embracing the organic emergence of faith in the counseling context, particularly within school systems and in addressing addiction.

Venture through the multifaceted landscape of counseling with a Christian lens as Cookie demystifies the counselor’s role, not as directors, but as empathetic listeners guiding clients toward self-discovery. We grapple with the challenge of addressing sensitive subjects and the immense value of professional, unbiased counsel in times of unresolved grief or crisis. The episode further delves into the intrinsic comfort provided by culturally and religiously aligned counseling services, revealing the importance of confidentiality, the realities of homelessness, and the personalized support offered by IEPs and 504 plans to students with diverse needs.

As we wrap up this immersive journey, Cookie calls for unity and proactive measures against the pervasive issue of bullying, emphasizing the need for communities to lift each and every member. She passionately speaks on the fundamental right of choice across various spectrums of life, advocating for equality, diversity, and leadership in society. This episode goes beyond education and counseling, touching hearts and inspiring change—one conversation at a time. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative discussion with Cookie, where empathy meets empowerment in an unforgettable narrative.

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