Jacqueline Cox’s Story of Survival and Empowerment

Jan 4, 2024

Brace yourselves for an emotional journey as we welcome Jacqueline Cox, a three-time bestselling author, a podcast host, and a world record holder for the Ruby Bridges Foundation. We kick things off with a blast from the past as we groove to a Whitney Houston classic and share a shout-out to the legendary Chaka Khan. Jacqueline unveils her life story through her poetic memoir ‘It Can’t Always Be Night,’ and enlightens us about her days in Chicago, her survival story from domestic violence, lupus, thyroid cancer, parental abandonment, and incestuous rape. This isn’t just her story; she emphasizes the importance of everyone finding their voice and sharing their experiences.

As we continue our discussion, Jacqueline shares her podcasting journey, transitioning from the Spiritual Sunbeam to Facebook Live Listen Linda, to launching her own podcast network. With her platform, Jacqueline amplifies the voices of authors, entrepreneurs, and artists, giving them a space to promote their stories, books, businesses, and brands. She takes her craft seriously, and the respect she has for her guests’ time is evident as she shares her method of diligently preparing for each interview with authors on her show.

Lastly, Jacqueline highlights her knack for creating a comfortable and inclusive environment for her guests, even while discussing sensitive topics. She offers insight into her approach, shares her techniques and tips, and even blesses us with a reading of one of her poems, written during a challenging period in her life. We wrap up by delving into Jacqueline’s memoir ‘Mountains Can’t Rise Without Earthquakes,’ a chilling account of her life story filled with vulnerability and transparency. Jacqueline’s resilience, faith, and the power of storytelling shine through our discussion, making for an inspiring and enlightening episode.

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