Gentry Series Collection


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Gentry is the main character. She first appeared in Happiness, Hurt and Healing. This story tells how to heal from the hurt and the struggles of finding her back to happiness and helping others to see their worth. The 2nd book is titled The Re-entry of Gentry. Gentry has a chance encounter with her former boyfriend, and for the sake of common decency, they make a truce while they are attending a conference. The 3rd installation is Gentry’s Journey: Victor and Gentry demonstrate building a life together, but there are still tough decisions they have to face. Gentry’s Circle of Friends; demonstrates friends can be more like family and family can be more like strangers. These groups of girlfriends navigate life together. The final book in the series: The stethoscope is for more than Listening: changing careers has been her goal. This work lends an inside view of the hospital and the lives people live. People and professionals are more alike than we think.