Unraveling Healthcare Complexities with Patient Advocate Carol Campbell

Jan 4, 2024

Imagine walking through the labyrinth/complication situation of healthcare, insurance, and Medicaid complexities. Sounds daunting, right? This is precisely what we navigate in our enlightening conversation with Carol Campbell, a renowned board-certified patient advocate and caregiver coach. Together we unravel the complexities of the healthcare system, making sense of insurance limitations, the concept of “spend down”, and the five-year look back period in Medicaid eligibility. Unmissable insights are shared, including a rare case of a mother voluntarily transferring her house to her daughter at the age of 70. 

As caregivers ourselves, we understand the challenges you face. We’ve been there, wrestling with the guilt of accepting help, and the constant battle to recognize our limitations. That’s why we bring to you an unfiltered conversation on the importance of respite care. Sharing our experiences with families hesitant to accept assistance, we underscore the necessity of being honest about your limitations. We also discuss various resources available for help, including Medicaid programs and caregiver respite programs through the VA. 

Wrapping up our chat with Carol, we dive into the significance of being proactive in your own healthcare journey. From the benefits of bringing a list of medications and questions to appointments, to the importance of utilizing the patient portal, we offer practical advice for self-advocacy. How can spirituality play a role in the healthcare journey? We share our personal experiences and beliefs. We close with a heartfelt prayer for all caregivers. Join us for this invaluable episode filled with guidance and inspiration that could change your life.

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